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  • NEW to forum -need advice please

    hello I am now sure I have LPR after getting a bad cold at Xmas - the cough has never let up. My symptoms are tickly cough sometimes dry and with sputum, post nasal, even have a crackle sometime when I inhale. Constantly clearing throat as well . Had endoscope last summer showing mild reflux. I am on 2 puffers as my GP thinks its bronchitis even though my lungs sounded clear, as well as Prevacid 2x daily and Gaviscon from my Gastro doctor. Nothing is helping and I am waking up through the nite with coughing fits. The only thing that I just discovered that helped with sleep was Zantac at nite. My gastro has now ordered a Barium swallow next week. My question is should I take some Betaine for now to see if that helps ? I am also taking DGL and D limonene ...any other sugestions beside raised bed ?