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New to Forum - Need help with mold sensitivity and bacteria overgrowth!

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  • New to Forum - Need help with mold sensitivity and bacteria overgrowth!

    I was initially exposed to mold (mainly Aspergillus), had terrible symptoms, and recovered ok. I was later re-exposed to mold (not sure which) without knowing it causing: 1) super sensitivity to mold which I have never had before and 2) a opportunistic bacteria overgrowth (SIBO?) per a stool test. I'm thinking the old mold was still in my body and competed with the new mold. Now I can't go into 80% of buildings (most buildings and A/C units have mold), live anywhere humid, be around memory foam, etc. or I get a lot of symptoms like chest/lung pain, brain fog, fatigue, and face/eyes turn red. I am fine when outside in fresh air. Thoughts? Does this just mean I still have mold in my body? Would a live blood test be useful to confirm any mold in my blood? I am mainly taking Diatomaceous Earth (super small doses), probiotics (regular doses), and running marathons.

    Note that the my stomach bloating significantly decreased mainly due to the probiotics and it looks like my hair stopped falling out for now probably due to Diatomaceous Earth but I feel like the bacteria overgrowth is not solved yet. I think it is somehow related to the mold sensitivity (I.e. fungi and bad bacteria working together in my body). This significantly impacts my life. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

    Note 2:There were NO parasites, H. pylori, candida, or leaky gut per the stool test.