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  • Lactic acidosis, etc, etc!

    This summer I had possible lactic acidosis horrible symptoms! It was always when I ate 'old dairy'. The first time I ate some old kefir made from low pasteurized A2 milk. Within an hour I had a HUGE headache, including behind my eyes. Within a few hours I developed vertigo/nausea, memory problems, and irritability. This lasted for DAYS. The next time I ate old cottage cheese. After that it was old sour cream...which had that blue cheese taste like you described. I forget what the 4th thing was...but at least now I remember not to eat 'old dairy'. I actually have been living with these symptoms for a few years, including worsening brain fog, irritability, and memory problems, eating old dairy just really ramped them up.
    I need to somehow fix this problem as it is destroying my life. I have lactic acidosis and hyperventilation syndrome for over 10 years, plus have slowly developed histamine intolerance. Taking great supps like dandelion and activated charcoal and baking soda and papaya enzymes and chlorophyll and niacinamide have all brought on hyperventilation. My theory is that they lower my Ph, causing my overbreathing body to slow down...and this screws up my breathing. I've also SLOWLY developed rhinitis over the last 10 years, which I recently realized is also behind my hyperventilation. I know that sals and B1 deficiency are behind this too.
    Severe brain fog began 5 years ago. I removed salicylates a year ago and that has been key to removing horrible symptoms of overheating, overbreathing, AFib, hearing loss, and very bad mood problems, inc fear and anger. Obviously I have been B1 deficient for a long time as it is helping greatly with my mood, energy, strength. In the last year my scalp and teeth have gone numb. Now that is really weird (and bothersome), and evidence that something is really wrong in my brain. My memory began really being affected 6 months ago...not knowing words...or having problems with pronunciation and order. Scary! Taking Benfothiamine also caused similar symptoms as the old dairy I ate...HUGE headache and vertigo. I can tolerate straight B1 better. I know it's anti-inflammatory, but not sure why I get such bad symptoms. I have had an very itchy back, which began developing almost 40 years ago. It's gotten so bad I literally scratch it on my fireplace to get deep relief. Removing sals decreased symptoms, but it's still really there, and now I don't know if it's really the histamine or lactic acid causing it. I depersonalized 22 years ago, and have had a lifetime of anxiety, fear, and depression. I've been working really hard the last 5 years trying to reverse it (researching/diet/supps). A year ago I switched to a traditional Northern European diet, which has been very helpful, and was following a general traditional diet for 10 years. I did eat some fermented foods, but never alot. I try to eat things in moderation, not obsessively. I do make a 3-hour chicken broth weekly for soups and gravy, etc. as it's so medicinal. I also do eat dairy often as I'm from Wisconsin and we have great local products! I try to avoid aged ones though. Cheese curds are great...fresh and no whey. Going N.E.D. has really removed the burden of so many of my symptoms. I have cured or greatly lessened 40 symptoms! I began the MTHFR and COMT protocols a month ago (and B1), which is also helping.
    I now know that my mitochondria /metabolism are dysfunctional too. Can't get my temp above 97.1 and I have gained 70 pounds in the last 8 years. This is definitely hormone imbalances too! I just tried Pregnenolone for a week, but removed as it's just too much burden on my brain with all the other supps...overstimulating!
    I have unfortunately been working around chemicals the last few years and I just figured out how much they are at the root of my current mess! They have really ramped up my mitochondrial dysfunction/weight gain/histamine reactions. I started taking a little PQQ and P5P a month ago for that. I was diagnosed with AF 25 years ago, and am very sensitive to stimulants and supps, so I never take whole pills. Since adding B1 2 months ago this is getting better! I also take all the Bs, finally adding B5 yesterday. My goal is to heal my very broken nervous system. But this histamine/lactic acid problem is kicking my butt! Before removing the sals suicidal ideations were a daily occurrence! I take molybdenum and magnesium (and other minerals), but probably not enough, and Culturelle, iflora, and Align. I just started taking Culturelle DAILY for best gut health.

    I'm waiting for my 23andme lab results, and I'm going to send in a UBiome test today. Interestingly I had to resend my saliva sample because they stated there wasn't enough DNA in it. I wonder if this relates to MTHFR/folate anemia/megaloblastic anemia. So is a lifetime of B1 and Bs deficiencies at THE root of all this, plus a broken gut? I have brought back my gut health alot by removing plant oils, adding sugar (demerrera, maple, etc), B1, and N.E.D. I can finally tolerate acids again! I have mostly removed wheat gluten, but now eat soaked and well-cooked barley, oats, and rye. Their glutens are much gentler on the gut than wheat. As far back as I can remember I had stomach aches. I had School/social anxiety even before kindergarten. I've even tested positive on an online test for mild Aspberger's. Interestingly I'm getting back my ability to think and feel and talk since removing sals (Mediterranean foods) AND adding B1/B complex. Social situations aren't the tortuous times they have been the last many years!

    Sorry for such a long post. I just started typing...and it all came out. I really want help in correcting the lactic acidosis...and figuring out where all my problems started. Some started as far back as I can remember.

    Thanks for reading! ")