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  • Probiotic body care and cleaners

    Looking for discussion and/or reviews on probiotic body care and cleaner such as:


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    Hooper did a review on AO+ mist:


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      The microflora of the skin is very different that the gut. You can't just apply gut probiotics on your skin because most of them will not thrive against other microorganisms in a respirative (oxygen rich) environment. AO+ is the only product that I have seen that is designed for the skin.


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        What do you think of Defense soap?


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          It's pretty expensive for what you get.


          • Spocks Daughter
            Spocks Daughter commented
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            I took a look at these links and would like to know is there a certain pH considered preferable in any such body care products?

            I have not used any product to clean skin (except face and two 'other' areas), for years. But mostly because it just did not seem necessary rather than any enlighten view. I do occasionally use an exfoliate esp on legs and face that is mostly made out of ground up apricot pits.

            My understanding is our skin is five layers deep and the top one is completely dead cells waiting to slough off. But that is a very old memory I can not document. I am very interested in making topical salves and ointments as an occasional past time, which I have been doing for for the last decade using traditional foraged plants. The use is usually for various (immunological source) irritations or managing of out of control bacterial or fungal colonies. Often the issue or preventing bacteria while the skins heals over wounds and various plants dry or moisten as part of healing depending on the skins needs.

            In about 1987 in Idaho I was stuck by the opinion of a Hungarian political refugee that moved in with me for a few months. He had very strong beliefs that soap was bad for the body. I grew up when housewives were keen to battle any and all 'Germs'! using many things now banned!

            Now living in England I have been very interested in Eastern European health attitudes mostly related to honey bee products, and herbs because I am a bee keeper. That general region being fairly isolated by modern times until relatively recently long practiced bee keeping and sufficiency as a rural cottage industry.

            For what it is worth and hopefully not too personal....What bar soap I do find best is what bar soap is made from olive oil and is literally green. In France it seems to have been traditional with very few ingredients, usually a cheap laundry soap for hand scrubbing clothes. It still comes in huge square blocks. Fancy olive sellers occasionally have similar on their stands at farmers markets. I do not know the pH but it seem very mild and 'friendly'. BTY I cure bar soap for months before use, to 'dry' it to last longer.

            Another 'friendly' soap is well watered down old Hippy soap called Dr Bronners. A Castile liquid soap, that theses days comes in all flavors and bars.

            These mild soaps cause extreme scum ie bath tub rings esp in hard water areas. But since they do not strip the skin oils, I recommend them and know health food stores/mail order sources carry them at steep prices.

            I work up a sweat very rarely to almost never, tend to dry skin and I have not bath daily for years. I have never used antiperspirant, (my husband uses a salt block rubbed into his arm pits, he is happy with the results). Decades ago a female who had struggle with the heat of living in the tropics gave me the 'hint' that cotton balls, used with alcohol preparations (like skin fresheners,) to wipe the arm pits .....cuts presumably the arm pit bacterial all the way and stops ' offending' between bathing being optional. For a quick tidy I use a alcohol that is more medical than friendly.... super cheap, most would think harsh. My understanding is that the 'BO" is usually bacteria waste in the arm pits, happy colonizing the warm hairy tender skin skin that stays more moist than the rest of the body.

            I find small body odor changes of any significance my best indication of not consuming enough water, diet changed or serious detox being noticeable. Most recently a couple days after surviving the 'pleasure' of having caught the Noro virus (sp?). Which threw a huge amount out of my entire system and was an interesting experience I do not need often.

            Spocks Daughter