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  • Augmentin

    Hi - I was just diagnosed with strep throat and started on Augmentin earlier this week. What should I be taking as well in order to protect the good bacteria in my gut? And what if you are vulnerable to candida (an integrative ENT diagnosed my last year with candida in my vocal cords - because I have a constant coating of phlegm on them)? Would the recommendation change? I have purchased your ebook and could reference any section there if that is easier. I've been currently taking a probiotic (align chewable), 2 tbsp coconut oil, and was thinking of adding caprylic acid? Thanks for your input.

    Also I heard an alternative medicine practitioner say that there are links to Augmentin potentially causing gluten intolerance. Have you heard anything about this? He was very clear that this was something he was not supposed to say to patients and would deny ever saying it to me.

    Thanks so much!

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    The same thing happened to me back in fall of 2015. That's when I first tried Gut Pro. Now they are the recommended probiotic on Fix Your Gut.

    I would hold off on the coconut oil/C8 for the meanwhile. Instead, do D-Limonene.

    Antibiotics can lead to dysbiosis, and dysbiosis can contribute to an increased production of endotoxin from gluten.