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Klebsiella pneumoniae ssp - get rid of

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  • Klebsiella pneumoniae ssp - get rid of

    From a comprehensive stool analysis I show high levels (3+) of Klebsiella P. - gut dysbiosis and from a lactose breath test have SIBO. The KP could be the culprit for the SIBO.
    I am wrestling with a "cure" route - natural or pharma?

    On the pharma route, all these antibiotics show susceptibility to KP - Amoxicillin, Ciprofloxacin and Trimeth-sulfa. My doctor wants to put me on ciprofloxacin, but I have read the reviews and they are UGLY, UGLY.

    Then there is the natural route of grapeseed extract, which may work in many pulsing rounds.

    Any thoughts, recommendations? anyone "cure" KP with something else. Thank you.

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    I had this plus proteus m several years ago. I was put on berberine and uva ursi, based on what the GI Effects test said they were sensitive to. My doctor thought the klebsiella would be the harder of the two to get rid of, but it was gone after one round of the treatment. I had to do another round to get rid of the proteus.
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      bpcmd - thx for your kind reply. I also have blasto, so right now I am trying to get rid of that with ADP (olive oil tablets), then tackle the Klebsiella. My tests showed low sensitivity for using uva ursi, but high for using grapefruit seed extract -- so I will be trying that. Hopefully, it will be quick for me too. Perhaps I may mix in the berberine also. It sure feels like you get more energy getting rid of the free loavers eating off you....not to mention the damage to organs they can do too.


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        I had a GI test with high levels of Klebsiella spp. It didn’t specify if it was the Klebsiella P. Do you think Uva Ursi alone would knock it out? I’m hypoglycemic and berbine makes me feel lousy.

        also, what Uva Ursi product did you use?