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Severe histamine levels

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  • Severe histamine levels

    My wife has been through hell for 15 years. She first had extreme bouts of eczema, esp on her hands, so bad that the amount of cortisone creams she used over the years has made her hands smooth i.e.. No fingerprints. For some time now she is on a gluten free diet, shes highly allergic to potatoes and bananas, her diet has shrunk down to a minimum of certain salads and fruits with red meat and chicken, since she discovered that many foods she could have contained high histamine levels... Recently we read that turmeric powder has histamine inhibitors. So will this help? Also after listening to John on the Higherside chats, we thought taking cannabis oil would also help her gut biome. Is this the right course of action? Any advice would be great! We live in South Africa. Thanks in advance!😁 P.s.. How much are the skype consultations?I'm not sure if we can afford it considering the Dollar exchange rate to our currency we may manage it depending...
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