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    Hey, i just got done listening to you for the first time on the Higherside Chats. I heard the promo code you put out for your book and if i could afford to pay full price I would but at the moment we're barely scraping by with two kids and one on the way, and moving from Oklahoma to Arkansas and going off grid. So i was really stoked to be able to get your book, but when I try going to checkout and entering the promo code it says that I'm not eligible to use the promo code. Is there something that i need to do differently? Thank you so much for all of this. I had h.pylori that caused a peptic ulcer. My husband lost most of his teeth before age 40 and they came apart in layers from the outside in with the enamel softening and the dentists couldn't explain it. My youngest son (unvaccinated) is 2 years old and has had about 50+ fevers the drs could only find a casus for about 3 of them and the majority of drs have turned us away even when he's had 104 degree fevers because they claim maybe it's because he isn't vaccinated. My mother has lost 180+ pounds and kept it off and most of her gray hair has gone back to brown from eating a raw food diet. And my dad has had a lot of sickness and surgeries like gallbladder, appendix, hernia etc. I really think your book will do our whole family a world of good. Thank you.

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    Hi ginleefer,

    I just figured this out after running into problems myself. From the store site click on the Buy This Book button. The promo code is for the digital pdf version only that’s priced at 7.99. The code is Higherside (one word, I tried a couple variations before it worked) and it went through instantly. So grateful for this book & community! Cheers!